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Feed Milling Mixers

Optimal mixing of feed ingredients. 


Discover all of the available Andritz mixer models for producing any type of animal feed. The Andritz mixers offer a highly homogeneous final product which ensures that all pellets will have the same distribution of ingredients, vitamins and minerals. 
Basic Characteristics: 
  • Efficient and speedy operations since they have the ability to produce 30 parties of final product per hour 
  • Ability to incorporate multiple liquid supplements
  • Self-cleaning and easy to maintain
  • Double sealing of bottom damper

See the video below to find out exactly how the Andritz mixers are able to achieve all the above attributes! 
To find out more details about the mixers you may download the product guides below or contact us directly. 





Pellet Mills

Pellet Mills

Pellet Mills for Feed Milling and Biofuel Production 

High Efficiency and Production Capacity 

The Andritz pellet mills offer high production capacity while being cost and energy efficient operations thus maximizing the return of the plants. 


Uniquely easy to maintain and clean, they are able to produce a highly hygienic end product.

FeedMax G Series

The FeedMax G series of pellet mills includes 3 state of the art models: the G8, the G9 and the G12. Each model differs in output capacity in order to meet the different needs of each production plant. 
Basic Advantages of the FeedMax series: 
  • Smaller in size and more compact, which makes them easily incorporated into different production lines
  • Internal lubrication sprinkler which maintains the press and ensures its longevity
  • Excellent distribution of ingredients in every pellet due to the one-piece adjustable feed plough design, which guarantees quick and easy re-configuration and thus homogeneous distribution of ingredients on the die ring and Roll Shells     
  • Designed for increased lifecycle, all components that come in contact with the ingredients are made of stainless steel 
  • Easy replacement of die rings 
  • Gear driven and V-belt models available 



Gear-driven Pellet Mill

Designed for plants requiring continuous operation for high production capacity, the Gear Driven pellet mill offer ease of maintenance while being powerful and easily diversifiable. 

Indicatively, the procedure of replacing a die ring takes only 10 minutes. 

Finally, their uniquely efficient design allows them to operate non-stop on a 24/7 basis throughout their lifespan. 

V-Belt Pellet Mill

A more budget-friendly alternative due to the minimallistic design, the Sprout-V-Belt offers the best quality in the lowest price possible. 
Created to last for 40 years of reliable operations with minimal maintenance costs since it contains fewer components and thus needs less spare and wearable parts.


Read more about the pellet mills in the product guides below.  


Hammer Mills

Hammer Mills

Hammer Mills

High Performance with Efficient Use of Raw Materials


The Andritz hammer mills are the result of the year-long experience and studies conducted by the firm. Achieving high performance and efficiency in a compact design, the different models of hammer mills are able to produce all ranges of products, from coarse to super fine granules. 


Optimill Series

The Optimill Series includes hammer mills that turn raw materials into medium to coarse granules. When combined with Adritz pellet presses, they represent the optimal solution for the production of animal feeds. 

Basic Features:

  • Milling resulting in coarse granules – optimal size of final product 
  • Patented closed rotor design which ensures 20% reduction of energy consumption 
  • 1,500-1,800 rpm
  • Low noise 

Multimill Series

Designed for the production of fine and super fine granules, the Multimill series ensures the finest granules possible. In combination with the Andritz Extruder, they are the best solution for the production of pet food and fish milling.   

Basic Features:

  • Ability to grind raw materials into super fine granules 
  • Small screen area
  • Ability to maintain low temperatures during production thus preserving the nutrients of the feed. 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • 3,000 – 3,600 rpm 





Designed for Pet Food Production 


ANDRITZ offers a wide range of Extruders which, when combined with other equipment, are able to cover every diverse need a client might have. 

The Pet Food market is extremely competitive and ever-evolving. New laws and regulations increase the production requirements for factories and plants while appearance of the final product is more important than ever. Pet food has a variety of needs in terms of color, shape and consistency which in turn requires plants to be flexible and with multiple capabilities. 
Andritz provides solutions to these requirements with their top of the line extruders. 
Read more about each model in the product guides below.


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