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N. Foukis & I.F.E.S. begun its operation in March of 2011. Together with Ν.FOUKIS & CO LTD – CYPRUS, we represent the natural continuation of “Foukis Feed Technology SA”.  
The firm’s main activities include the design and construction of production plants in the feed milling and energy industries (wood pellets, etc). Moreover, we specialize in the procurement of equipment, spare and wearable parts that ensure the smooth operation of such facilities. 

At N. FOUKIS & I.F.E.S. we take pride in our trustworthiness. Satisfying the needs of each client with efficiency and precision as well as providing them with the optimum products and services represents the core of our operations.   
Moreover, by further establishing our presence in the European markets we are able to provide our clients with high quality equipment at the best possible price, thus ensuring a great return on the client’s investment.     

Our Company
  • Our mission at N. FOUKIS & CO. is to provide our clients with high quality equipment and services that are tailored to their specific needs at the best possible price.
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